Saturday, April 22, 2006

i can draw!

So after talking to the program co-ordinator for multimedia, i have decided that i hate my current portfolio and i'm completely doing it over. this time i decided to get a little "animatey" and i've drawn some little critters to adorn my new site.

i drew them on paper, scanned the paper and drew them again on the computer. this is a very proud moment for me. i can't really draw on the computer too well and it's been years since i doodled something that looked semi decent.

they all have names too.
the green one is called: Bicuspid
the pink one is called: Rocket
the blue one is called: Dripple
the orange on is called: T-Bone
and the person one is me!

hopefully they'll look good in my portfolio which will soon be online at a new domain...but you'll have to wait until i've finish and then i'll announce it to all of my 2 readers! yay!

ok back to work time.