Saturday, November 20, 2004

yes....yes you may have my autograph

i'm on the Sarah McLachlan DVD from the concert in the summer!!!!
this makes me happy.
i haven't seen it, but john watched it and told theresa.
it comes out tuesday.
i'm stoked...and obviously famous

Friday, November 19, 2004

i hate this

i feel like i am 16...

Monday, November 15, 2004

Cancer: KISS THIS a benefit concert

it's really happening!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

from janie- literacy test!

from janie's site to you! enjoy! this is for my sister lizibeth cuase she asked for it!

so its been...a month...whatever
ok so apparently i'm not very good at updating this thing.. but i'm here now and thats all that matters! going to Finding Neverland previewing tonight! yay! it will be muchos fun fun fun!!!! as long as we get know...those things. anyways, what have i done this month..THE LITERACY TEST! or the WE WANT TO SEE IF WE CAN TRICK YOU AND WASTE YOUR TIME ALL AT THE SAME TIME TEST! ok you have noooo idea how stupidly crap this thing is... its like..

Cathy took her dog for a walk
1. what pet does Cathy have
a. cat
b. dog
c. parakeet
d. Cathy is the pet, and her gorrilla is taking her for a bath

honestly..but then they'll try and trick you by saying...

Write an essay on the subject of pencils. (so your like ahhhh an essay!this will be hard)
Make sure that it talks about 12 different things, and has a body, intro and conclusion, and that the word pencil is always written in red, and the word poo is written in blue. it cannot exceed 2 sentences.

ok so now you have to figure out how to write a 2 sentence essay with all the componants and if you really are supposed to use the word poo and make it blue or if thats these ppls idea of a joke.
so you waste a bunch of time and end up freaking out cuase you might run out of time...and then you remember that is supposed to be 2 sentences long.
the best part was the confidential stickers...they were neon green!
lol. literate!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

i'm cursed with bad luck for 7 years now is it?

so the other day i decided i wanted to try to die my hair two colours - blue/black underneath and red on top. so, seeing as i'm broke and cannot afford the time or money to get it professionally done, i decided (as i always do with dying my hair) to do it myself.

this morning i got up and got everything ready - including mirrors because i didn't have anyone to help me, i needed to see the back of my head. so anyways, i ended up accidentally dropping the mirror on the floor and breaking it. it kinda looked cool - maybe one day i'll break mirrors for an art piece. haha

anyways, the hair took a little longer than using one colour, but it ended up looking really cool.
i LOVE it!

and i am going to paste in an article from our latest issue of Excalubur at York because my friend, Long Le, has an artice in there that is very beautiful. You write beautifully hon!!

Oh baby, I’ll Cherish the Day

(10 November 2004 16:04) Written by Long Le - Contributor
A window into my perfect life

Call me naïve, call me a dreamer or call me a fool, but I’m saving my heart for love. I am excited to have my soul partner to wake up to every morning. Watch the moment his eyes open to the world and tell him how much I love him. Lying in bed conversing and setting our goals for the day. Being with each other and celebrating the morning we have together and how the world is full of beauty.

I will marry him and breathe him inside of me. Dream about him every night and cherish his warmth beside me. My evenings will be on the sofa as we talk about everything from art to politics, Star Trek to music, to baking cookies while he strokes my knees and I play with his toes.

We will have kids and raise them on music. After dinner, my son will rinse and wash the dishes while my daughter dries. I will clean the dinner table and we will all sing songs from the Motown era. After the clean up, I will kiss them with the same warmth I give my partner and tuck them away for bedtime where fantasy whisks them off to develop their creative foundations.

They will understand there is no mom but two dads that love them endlessly. Our kids will be madly in love with science and we, as a whole family, will experiment with baking soda, mirrors, lights, and household chemicals found around our home. We will make volcanoes, periscopes, bubbles and wacky experiments. We will sit by the piano and play chop sticks and other songs that make us feel alive.

We will grow old and the activities that took us seconds to do will require more time and effort. It will be harder to walk and do daily tasks. The life lesson I will have learned will be that there is one thing that becomes easier with age; your love grows stronger.

I love him more now than I ever did.

I want to be remembered by those that loved me as I walked the Earth. I may not be remembered in history, my face may not appear a textbook and I may not receive accolades like a celebrity, but all that means nothing because my kids and my soul partner will remember me.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

birthday flowers

click here to see!
My awesome bday gift from Jay :)

Monday, November 01, 2004

Dj Lizard is in the Hizzouse

I love Garage Band*

Look at what i made! well listen actually

listen here!

or here if the one above doesn't work!

*mac music program with loops that lets me be a DJ!