Thursday, December 29, 2005

a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Boxing...3 days! haha

Well Christmas of 2005 is officially over. there are now Valentine's Day things in the stores. wow

the Kerrison family Christmas was wonderful this year. we all went a little crazy at Dollarama and we all got some hillarious gifts from there. Jane woke everyone up at 8am and we opened our stockings. then it was a yummy breakfast then more pressies until i met Thomas online at 11:30. afternoon we went over to my cousin's house for Christmas dinner and then we finished opening pressies that night. all in all, great holiday.

Boxing day, i actually braved a mall. i went to Square One at 8am and there were TONS of people waiting outside of the stores, i was a little blown away actually. i was heading to H&M where i was wanting a blazer and a vest. found both and a sweater for $10. the next day, Tara, Sarah, Jane and I headed downtown to Queen St. i resisted buying a pair of Kangaroo Boots for $130 and instead bought an amazing skirt at H&M @ the Eaton Centre that i was eyeing last week. i LOVE it. i also got a pair of cord pants for $10. yesterday i brought tons of things back and went in search of a shirt i first tried on on boxing day but couldn't find it anywhere. had to settle for it in another coulour, which actually might be better on me. i got a cardigan ($10) 2 more sweaters like the one i got before (both for $10) and the shirt (also $10). i ended up spending less than the $130 boots and i got so much more! it's funny though, i usually never find anything i like at H&M other than blazers, and this year everything came from there!

well i have to get going now.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

it's 12:50am so i guess it's officially Christmas. i should be sleeping because Jane will be waking me up at 8am, but i can't.

seem to be missing Thomas quite a bit right now.
although i do get to see him over the webcam tomorrow so i'm looking forward to that

hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

i'll be home for Christmas

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. from finishing school to traveling back and forth between Ottawa and Toronto.

I came home last week and worked on Thomas' Christmas gift almost all week, then it was Jane's Concert at Cawthra and then back to Ottawa on Thursday only to be snowed in on Friday and i missed my babysitting. I got in to the city in the afternoon and was able to babysit at night. Thomas over, watched Dukes of Hazzard, next morning, back to babysit for Rosie's 6th birthday party then to Thomas' house for the Bradley Family Christmas Dinner where we all ate too much turkey and fell asleep before 11:30. Shopping on Sunday and "Half Christmas" where we all exchanged gifts. Thomas gave me a beautiful jewelry box and of course, his effort and wonderful words brought tears to my eyes....literally. I made him a fleece blanket that had the Ghostbusters logo on it. Hopped in the car at 8:30am yesterday morning and drove all the way back to Toronto.

So i'm home now until January 1st when i make the trek back up.
I am determined to finish my scrapbook from Thomas and my trip to Europe but we'll see if that happens

now it's off to pick up Mellie and her cousin to have a fun girls day.
yay! it's good to be home.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

getting fired by a 10 year old

So it's a good thing that he wants me fired because i want to quit. i make it sound like it's a high paying job where i did something horribly wrong, but the reality of it is that he didn't want to do his homework.

he has high funcitoning autism and i thought we had gotten past the whole "i'm testing you to see how much i can get away with" phase, but i guess not. it is hard because with his syndrome, he is quite intelligent, but lacks emotional maturity so he does things like hit and kick me, which happened tonight, again.

i get shaken with every argument, with every punch and i have come to this point now where i must say, "your son wants me fired, and i do believe that i should respect his wishes." i just don't want to drive all the way from Toronto next Thursday to be faced with getting attacked again.

so that is where i stand. right now, he is downstairs waiting for his mother to come home because "if he stays up, it is more likey that you'll be fired". so i'm trying to kill an hour before his mom comes home and i can leave.

the worst part of it is not the fact that he attacked me again, it's the fact that he will feel very proud of himself when i never come back.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

this one is for tara

tara says i should post more often. i think it's because she's avoiding her homework...but that could just be me.

i want to comment on the article in the Ottawa Citizen today about some contraversial wrapping paper.

There's no picture online but there definitely is in the paper and it is quite funny. the whole thing was that they were handing these as gifts out to kiddies after the new Harry Potter movie and some dad got it and started to use it to wrap pressies and realized that the angels on it were groping each other. and they blatantly are! it's too funny. it's for Virgin Mobile and i can't find an image anywhere, but if you're around Ottawa today, pick up the Citizen and take a peek.

that is all. i'm getting hungry and break is drawing near.

It's Christmas Time in the City

Yes. It's that time of year again. All the stores are extending their hours and no one seems to work anymore because they are all shopping. Oh and let's not forget the decorations, yummy meals and annoying singing teddy bears that sing about how they "wanna do something for Santa Clause, he's done so much for me"...oh dear, not that song is going to be in my head all night.

I have my list and i have checked it twice. I need to get on some shopping and creating and baking. i got some done today so i'm a little bit closer to being done. i'm coming home to Toronto on Saturday and my mom is going to help with the creation of some of the pressies :) i'll also be a baking away and relaxing then it's JaniePoo's Christmas concert at her school on Wednesday night and after that i'm back to Ottawa for a ton of babysitting and the Bradley Family Christmas Dinner! yumm.

Our house had it's Christmas dinner last friday night and it was yummy and tons of fun. Erin baked a cake which we named Snowbert - it was quite amazing, it was a snowman that stood up...well until Tara's crazy dancing knocked it over. We had a turkey that we named Buster with potatoes and stuffing and gravy and mmmmmm, i'm getting hungry just writing about it. There was even a small Christmas trees that our secret santa pressies went under and some holiday decorations...i just noticed today actually that we have a wreath! i'd say that was Erin's doing. she takes care of making sure we're all sufficiently festive.

After dinner, we setteled in to watch the old school version of Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer and had a very university like conversation around the topic of cultural representations and sexism in the film. You really should take another look at it, i think a university feminism class would go to town with it.

Sadly, one of our housemembers couldn't join us due to an illness in the family, but she was there in spirit.

one thing that i am none too pleased about is the fact that i start back to school on January 2nd. that's insane. it means i will have to get up and drive back to ottawa on New Year's Day. boo-urns (and i don't even really know what that means - not a Simpson watcher).

on an unrelated note, Thomas bought me an AMAZING Oriental serving plate. it's very classy, not unlike him. haha. Thanks babe!