Thursday, September 30, 2004

drunk bosses and boy(s) and exams (that suck)

well i haven't posted in a couple days because i've been sooo busy. so now, there's a big one coming atcha.

Tuesday September 28th

i'm not really into to skipping class this year, but this had a good cause. the chance for 1. free food and 2. free cds!
my work, Sunrise Records, has been holding manager meetings with all the record labels.
this week it was Universal Music. our asst manager couldn't go so i took his place.

it was pretty cool. we watched a video thing on upcoming releases (yay for Eminem, Black Eyed Peas, and Vanessa Carlton) and then we saw two bands play: Boy and the Marble Index.

everyone got so drunk. my bosses bosses boss was so drunk. it was...interesting.
all in all, great night. met some cool people.
have a new appreciation for the steel town and Ferrari's. haha.

Yesterday September 29th

ok so my developmental pschology professor assigns an exam only three weeks into term when we've only had two classes. and exam on five freaking chapters - and we're not talking short ones either. i was studying like crazy yesterday - more than i have studied for an exam since first year! and i didn't even finish studying everything. chapter one took me five hours!!!

Today September 30th
exam went ok. wrote the professor a little note about how i didn't like the rushedness of it all.
watching That 70s Show
Without a Trace was a repeat.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

video time and congrats to cheebs!

firstly let me say a HUGE congratulations to my good friend Cheebs for landing the job of Director of Publicity for Drive Thru Records

secondly, i would like to comment on the weather
this may sound boring but i have an issue
ok so it's freezing cold when i get up and get dressed in the morning
then i get out from class and end up getting heat stroke on the way home in the car
this is my issue. LOVE warm weather. but don't like "haha psych" warm weather.
like it's teasing me.

in other news. i finally was able to film my video for my Introduction to Electronic Media class today.
took me 2 hours to set it up and 20 mins to shoot, then only 5 mins to take it down.
the project was supposed to be on a fear, so i chose to do it one being alone -> and the second part of the project explores the social and cultural context that egg the fear on. should be fun.

here are some still shots from the room!

what took so long was that i had to hang the transparencies where i printed popular love songs and Shakespearean sonnets.

Monday, September 27, 2004


i hate mornings

Thursday, September 23, 2004

heckled and some HBs

walking to class today, some random guy hanging out of his friends car with a megaphone yelled at me today: "hey pink pants, you look good today"
it was weird. that guy obviously has no life. but thx for the compliment.

everyone should listen to this and this. they're both really good.

It was justin's birthday yesterday so i'd like to post HBJ, and HBM for DJ Quells as well, and it's Ronaldo's Today too so another HBR is in order. have fabulous days!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

i just have to say...

i have the most fabulous friends
i love all of them and they are so great

they just make me happy and honoured to know them
hugs everyone!

as promised

here are some pix from the photo shoot janie and i did on sunday for my digital photography class

dans class

so we're here just chillin. nadine is talking about something so i really should listen....
nah... Xtina and Matt are hanging out here too

everyone is logging in and figuring out their account stuff and we've finished already so here we are
sitting in all our glory

nadine is looming

Sunday, September 19, 2004

the hottest spot!

hey all, janie here. liz is taking some pix of me tonight so maybe she'll post some of them beautious pix on here! or maybe not. we'll wait and see how much luck you have. tee hee so newho, as the subject states, i am here to tell you about the hottest spot to be! my blog yaya!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡! haha anyways mybe i should embarass liz or something like little sisters are suposed to do!...........did you know that.....liz is awsome! hahahahahah I...didn't embarass her...DAMNIT....i'll get her later toodles

new comment style

so when i first did this, i thought i had accidentally deleted all the previous comments but it looks like it's ok
new way of commenting is through HaloScan a la blog de both H77 and Justi. just click on the comment spot on the bottom left of the post and anyone can post a comment!

if you want to see the old comments, you have to click on the link of the blog entry it was on.

three cheers for HaloScan!

so it turned out ok

at first when i got out of the shower i panicked cause it looked like my roots were orange. but it's ok, i missed a couple spots so if u look really closely, my head is kinda randomly patchworky.

it's a LOT better than it could have been
i'll never learn will i? haha

and i'm quite happy that i have reconnected with my good friend Long.
missed u buddy!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

this could be disastrous...

i'm currently trying to die my roots with an at-home higlighting kit
i guess i can die over it if it's really bad head is tingling...i hope my hair doesn't fall out


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

this one is for Justi!

Justi says that i have a photo shoot every time i get my hair cut, and it's partially true! this time though, i did it specifically for you!!

it's so long you may say!
it's true, i was going to hack it all off, but i thought i'd try something different
the bangs are going to piss me off, but i like the way they look. haha.

Yorkfest 2004

yesterday, Xtina, Vikki and i went to Yorkfest 2004 and we were lucky enough to see all the bands i wanted to see! yay for teacher letting us out early! I took TONS of pix and some are below!

Stabilo from BC

Buck 65 from Toronto

Matthew Good!!

oh and YAY for Canada winning the world cup hockey!!

i'm such a rebel

i'm wearing white and it's after labour day!


Sunday, September 12, 2004

Les Choristes

Today, Gillian and I went to see Les Choristes, which translates to The Choir from French, and it was so amazing. I was done in French and had subtitles in English, but i was able to understand most of the french.

If any of you are around to go and see this film at the festival, it is playing again tomorrow at 2pm at the Paramount 4
it's well worth it

and what is really cool is that the director and producer both come up and talk about the piece before the screening. and then afterwards, there was a choir that came and sang the songs that the choir in the movie sang. it was so beautiful and i am completely thrilled that i was able to see it

thank you Lisa Tr for giving us the tickets!
you rock!

post by JANIE

yay! it me, lizzy's sister, and i'm kewl so you should all go and see my new blog, its called Randomositie. check it out!

superbusy week ahead!

10am -> pick up Gillian and head to Lisa Tr's house to pick up tix
12pm -> Les Choristes at the Film Festival @ Elgin Theatre

9:30-1:30 -> Introduction to Electronic Media
3:45-5:30 -> pick up kiddies from school
6-9:15 -> work @ sunrise

go into school to work on video stuff @ Winters Lab
2:30-6:30 -> Video Art
6:30-10:30pm -> Camera to Image (Digital Photography Course)
3pm-11pm -> YORKFEST w. Stabilo, Buck 65 and headlining: Matt Good!!!!
ok so my beef with today is that i have class the whole time the concert is happening
so i'm making a plea to my professors, PLEASE PLEASE DON'T KEEP US LONG!!!

8:30am-12:30pm -> Multimedia, Instillation and Performance
6pm -> The Human Kazoo and Ill Fated

no school because of Rosh Hashanna. gotta love those Jewish Holidays!!
7pm -> Janie and I leave for the final taping of Canadian Idol

10am-3pm -> work @ sunrise
3:45 -> pick up kiddies from school
5:30 -> head downtown to meet Lisa Tr. for another Film Festival Movie!

it's gonna be a fun week!

big world, yet so small

the smallness of this world astounds me sometimes
everyone knows someone who knows someone you know

Toronto film festival tomorrow with Gillian
a French film, can't remember the name

hope it's good!

Friday, September 10, 2004

everyone is connected

i don't think i've ever gone into a movie theatre hoping to see a commercial, but this one stuck out for me.
i first saw it last Sunday when me, Jason Z, and Michelle went to see Paparazzi. it is a commercial for Bell, using the theme of everyone being connected. Starts with a woman holding a picture phone and zooms out so that she is the picture that someone else is holding, which then zooms out to be the screen of a computer someone is holding and so on and so forth until it circles back to the orignal woman. it jumped out at me, but i think the element i most loved was the music - it was a beautiful piano melody and i am determined to find now!

check it out if you see it
i didn't end up seeing it before the movie we went to tonight, but i did see it on tv today

Thursday, September 09, 2004

i hate this

i woke up this morning and i'm freaking sick
all at once

i can't be sick i have too much to do!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


there, i wrote something clever

sunburns and cavities

Yesterday, Gillian and her friend Jenn and I headed down to the mix 99.9 radio station's free end of summer "Beachfest". well let's just say that it was quite an adventure to even get down there. we got there in time for Stabilo so we were happy. The air show was going on at the same time so that was kinda cool.

Kyle Ryabko (sp??? - we missed him because of the transportation nightmare)
Top 3 Canadian Idols (who were actually really good)
Hawksley Workman
Jacksoul (we left here)
FeFe Dobson
The Calling

Fast forward to 5 hrs later still standing in the blaring sun, all having eaten only candy and water.
Gill and I got so badly burnt.
me - it looks like i'm wearing a shirt when i take mine off.
and it was one of those one shoulder ones so my WHOLE shoulder and back are might crispy.

but other than that it was fun :)

Thursday, September 02, 2004

so it's a good thing i didn't drive it

on Saturday night, on the way to find a washroom with Tara from Kass's farm party, my muffler decided to crap out on me again. it does this every once and a while.

so on the way home i drove over a plastic bag and at the stoplight i looked under the car to see if the bag had gotten caught. -> no bag, but something metal hanging down.

so my dad took the car in today and $700 later we had the whole underpart of the car replaced. they had to replace the catalytic converter, the oxygen sensor (which is what was hanging), the tailpipe and put in a new muffler.

keep on runnin little joeycar, i need you to get to school!

call it redthumb

if i never see another 2/16 or 2/21 sticker in my life, it will be too soon
8hrs of repricing makes lizard, brad, theresa and chris bitter.

*phone rings @ work*
pick up: "Sunrise house of pain, Liz speaking"