Monday, January 30, 2006

MISSING: my creativity

My creativity seems to have has vacated the premises of my brain.
I have been trying to design my client project for the past couple of days and I am royally sucking.

as Tara would say "I have barfed up things that look better". i know, it's a crude mental picture, but it rings true in this case.

So, i plead, if you find my creativity, please call.
there's a reward.

what? i'm being melodramatic?? no way. not me. i'm no drama queen.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

snowbanks and nice people

this is why i like Ottawa:

today, as Thomas and i were on our way to pick something up from his dad's work, we hit some ice and swerved into a snow bank, almost into the ditch. we were quite stuck there and i got out to get into the drivers seat (i made Thomas drive today cause i don't like driving in this weather), and the car behind us stopped and the man got out and came over to help Thomas push us out of the snowbank.

the two couldn't quite get the car out, and upon seeing this, another man stopped his car and helped push us out. we got out and said thank you and drove off.

very nice people. thanks for stopping to help us!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


every week that passes, i grow to hate our school schedule more and more. this year we have classes late in the evening from Monday - Thursday.

i have no life because of it. everyone is out in the day and home at night. i'm at school when everyone is chilling and watching tv and doing homework.

i guess the good thing is that i'm done in April. only 4 more months of this crazy schedule.

that is all.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

back in the oDot

Well i'm sure that Sawa and Justin are both mad at me because i haven't posted since last year. haha
so first things first

Happy New Year Everyone!

. now that's out of the way. back to what i've been up to.

i arrived back in ottawa last friday (not yesterday).. and Thomas met me at my house, with a red rose. yay. then on Saturday we ran errands then went out for dinner at Boston Pizza and to see Memoirs of a Geisha and then home to watch the ball drop on the tube. New Years Day was skiing time which was so much fun and then school started.

on Thursday we got our client projects for school where we work on a realy project for a business or charity - i am the Project Manager for the Canadian Geographic, Historical Map project and Thomas got Project Manager for the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra Website project. both of us are really happy and it should be a good term.

Last night is worth of a mention. Erin, Tara, Kyle and two of their friends all played Erin's new Family Fued game on DVD and it was tons of fun. we yelled, we cheered and Erin and I got emo. haha.

today i'm going to see King Kong and tomorrow is more skiing.
that is all for now.