Saturday, May 20, 2006

i normally don't post links but...

ok so i normally don't post links and make too much fun of the odd things out there in this world, have to check this out because it's hillarous. as if they think not shaving is going to do anything.

my POV? give it up girls, and put your energy into a worth cause. Making men shave is NOT more important than Cancer or AIDS.

i will keep on shaving...i like smooth legs and non-hairy armpits!

Friday, May 19, 2006

bye bye baby, baby goodbye...

My poor computer broke again and it's not worth fixing it because the part is too expensive, i might as well just buy a new computer. What i don't get is that they replaced the same part no less than 6 months ago.

Why do these things always happen at the worst times?
ah well. i guess i'll figure something out.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Web Manager/Graphic Designer

Ok so let me say for the record "Holy sh$% that happened fast!"
let me outline my "week" for you.

Sunday: Thomas' grandmother tells me about an add in the Ottawa paper about how Beddingtons needs a Web Manager/Graphic Designer.
Monday: I finish updating my portfolio again and apply for the job by emailing the name on the site.
Tuesday: I get a call from Beddingtons and have a phone interview. goes really well, get a face to face interview for the next day at 9:30am.
Wednesday: I go in for my interview, end up having interviews with 5 people at the company - good sign, end up being 1.5 hrs late for babysitting because of it. While babysitting, I get a call from Beddingtons saying they really like me and they want me to come in for a "trial run" the next day.
Thursday: I arrive at 8:30 for my trial run and stay there getting "trained" on everything for the morning. They tell me they are still interviewing and they'll call me next week. About 30 minutes after I leave they call me and OFFER ME THE JOB!!! HOLY COW BATMAN.
Friday: I go in for a couple hours in the morning to get finished training and sign all the paperwork!

yayayayyay. so I am now officially the new Web Manager for Beddington's Bed and Bath at their head office in Ottawa. I have a full time contract for a year and then I might be able to stay on there full time if they like what I do this year.

So this is very exciting and happened so very quickly. Thomas is still looking but I'm confident he'll find something.

Also, there may be movement on the apartment front. a friend of ours from school is moving to Toronto and he's said we could take over his lease. I'll post when I have official news.

Monday, May 08, 2006

So here's the thing...

Unfortunately, Survivor Network had to cancel camp this summer due to unforeseen circumstances. it makes me really sad, but it'll be ok. we're starting a major recruiting campaign so if any of my loverly readers knows anyone who might be interested in being involved with SN, tell them to head over to the brand new website, or if you'd like it, i have written a press release that i can get to you easily.

in other news, still searching for a job, today, the hardcore search is on seeing as our "in" at one job isn't making me feel like it's gonna happen.

time to get on with it!
Liz Out