Wednesday, May 25, 2005

yay i have a place to live!

i want to announce that i now have somewhere to live in ottawa next year!

Tara and I shall be housemates with the others that are living there next year too.
her housemates were ever so kind as to open up a room for lil ol me so i won't have to sleep on the street!

t-5 days, 17hrs till EuropeBaby
t-2 days, 5 hrs till THOMAS IS HERE!!!

Friday, May 20, 2005

i killed Joey :( she was a good car and i will miss her

as Sarah said tonight, RIP Joey.

Joey was my car.
My wonderful, beautiful amazing '95 Nissan Sentra.
She was with me through some amazing times.

So here's what happened. I pick up Matthew and Melissa on Thursdays and Fridays. today was a crazy day b/c they both had after school activities to get to. i had just dropped Matthew off and was on the way back to pick up Melissa and it happened.

I was going onto the highway, still on the onramp. It was 5:15, so rush hour traffic. i had looked to the traffic we were yielding to and as i turned back in a split second i realized the car in front had stopped short and i didn't have enough time to react to it. i ended up hitting the van in front and the airbags deployed and everything. so i stopped and we pulled the cars over to the shoulder. then the car wouldn't let me put it into park - i finally was able to and it was all smokey so i got out of there. (airbags smell gross, but it saved my face!)

The lady i hit was super super nice. I couldn't have asked for anyone nicer for me to hit. her van had a boat hitch thing on the back of it so she didn't sustain any damage. my poor car was not so lucky. the hitch caused it to be severly dented right into where the license plate is, both airbags deployed and the windshield cracked across the whole thing. the front of the car wouldn't even pop to open when we tried to see if the engine was hurt.

I ended up getting a ticket for $110 w/ 3 points for following too closely but no one got hurt. i'm ok, just a little shaken. The car sustained more damage than it was worth so she is dead. Everyone was really really nice, the lady i hit, the tow truck dude and the police man. all super super nice and i'm glad they were. i was pretty shaken and was close to tears the whole time.

I feel horribly for killing my car.
I have to go to the doctor's tomorrow to make sure i didn't hurt my neck - which i don't think i did, it's just a little stiff.

I will miss you Joey, i'm sorry i murdered you.

thank you to my Dad, who came right away, my Mom who was there for hugs and water and my sister who is just always there. Also, thanks to Thomas for being there for me whenever i get myself into these teary situations (wish you were here with me) and the Woroshyl's who were amazing about the whole situation. I'm lucky to have such amazing people in my life. love you all.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Eviction Notice

To: Cold that has consumed me since Friday
Re: Evict Me

Body: I am writing you publicly to let you know that you need to be evacuated from my body by Wednesday May 11th.

Thank you and please leave me


Your Host Body: SickLiz

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ottawa is the new Mississauga

So today, after getting quite frusterdated with the stupid Irish Ferry insanely high cause they want all my money prices, I went to leave for Tara's house and I saw a large size package in the mailbox.

Now, as a side note, I know what size the Algonquin acceptance letter is b/c I looked at Thomas'. So anyways, I think to myself "now don't get excited Liz, it is probably something from the bank."

Then I saw a green "A" that looked a lot like the Algonquin A....and it was! Wooohooo! I have officially been accepted to the Interactive Multimedia Graduate Program at Algonquin College in Ottawa. So in August I shall be packing up my life and moving to the grand capital city.

this is very exciting and i'm super stoked.
Now i'll be going to school with Thomas in the same program and I'll also be at school with Jason too! and i'll be closer to Tara and Ehab as well!!

Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!

In other news: HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY TARA
Cinco De Mayo has come upon us once again
time to celebrate!!

Today has been an amazing day
and only t-7days till I see mi bambino again!!!! :D