Saturday, January 29, 2005

30 random questions

Bath or Shower: Shower...a long one
Soap: Biore Facial Cloths
Perfume: RALPH by Ralph Lauren or Satsuma from the Body Shop
Lipstick: Cranberry Lip Balm from the Body Shop
Mascara: Loreal
Hair Products: Fructus
Favourite Beauty Product: Revlon Skinlights Bronzing Powder
Your best beauty secret: Vaseline
Prada or Zara: Zara
Jeans: Guido and Mary
Designer: 555 Soul (that's designer to me!)
Your worst purchase: $5 skirt from Costa Blanca that was 10x too small (boxing day, they never let u try anything on!!)
You spend too much on...: i'd say just clothes in general
How many pairs of shoes are in your closet: too many
In your handbag, you always carry...: wallet, phone, lip balm
The sexiest thing in your bedroom is...: my new digital camera
Your biggest extravagance: probably my 555 soul sweatshirt, even tho i got it on sale
email or postcard: email
You would not be caught dead wearing: Ugg Boots. ick
Nightclubs or Starbucks: Tim Hortons
iPod or BlackBerry: iPod. go apple go!
Antiques or ultra-slick: ultra-slick
Fave Restaurant: Thyme 4
What's your guilty pleasure: Hillary Duff songs
Your best snak indulgence: CHOCOLATE...hmmm, now i want some
Country Cottage or Industrial Loft: industrial loft
Which diet are you on: the one where i eat whatever i want whenever i want. why is everyone so obsessed with diets these days??
Your ideal of feminine beauty: January Jones (Cadence Flaherty from American Wedding)
Your ideal of masculine beauty: Charlie Hunnam (Emberly from Abandon)

Thursday, January 27, 2005

i love school...i really do!

I must say that this year has ROCKED with the courses that i'm taking. Last term was wicked and this term is proving even more fun.

FACS 4932: Interactive Dance Studio
(our first project that was presented yesterday. the dancers are manipulating triggers containing sound - too cool stuff)

FACS 4935: Virtual Communities
(this class is too much fun. scroll down to the bottom and check out the gossip column Say Cheeze)

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Words of Wisdom

"Just say 'fuck it' and front your balls, and you are good to go."
Phil Stirling, on facing your fears

Monday, January 24, 2005

funny msn name

my sister's msn name right now:
going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

love it

Friday, January 21, 2005

that's just me baby

friday night
hair: a mess
no makeup
dancing around the kitchen with no lights on
humming Frank Sinatra songs

that's just me baby
that's just me...

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

same shit, different day

ok so i dropped my application off for grad school yesterday
and i assume that all this crap i've been stressing about is over

then York U once again hits me with their best shot

January 14th, 2005
Ms. Elizabeth Kerrison
Street Avenue
City, Province
Postal Code

Dear Ms Kerrison:

Thank you for your application to graduate. A review of your academic record today indicates that you are currently ineligible to graduate from the Faculty of Fine Arts.

blah blah. you don't have this course or that course or this course yada yada yada

blah yada blah. Please make note of further application deadlines and apply to graduate for a later Convocation.


Registrar F*&%head

So i open this and FREAK THE F OUT. i KNOW i have everything i need to graduate, i was so meticulous about it it's not even funny. so now, if the graduate office gets wind of this, i can kiss any chance i had at grad school goodbye

i hate this process
the aspiration to become a bum is sounding more and more appealing



Sunday, January 16, 2005

what i feel like doing right now

garden state

Saturday, January 15, 2005

i wonder if i'll ever get dumped in person?

just a thought...

Friday, January 14, 2005

this stuff is way too stressfull...i think i'll become a bum

it is quite possible that my head was thisclose to exploding for real from 9:45-10:05am today

one prof mixed up the due dates for my grad application and hasn't done my reference letter - yea they're due tomorrow and there was a conflict with me working and the office closing so i couldn't pick it up.

but it's ok, i talked to the office of admissions who said i can drop it on monday

and now i'm still shaking
oh man, as my subject says, this stuff is way too stressful.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

clearly, i'm famous

One of my blogs for my Cultural Theory Through New Media class was quoted in a press release that is on the front page of the York website. oh yea

"York U students blogging their way to way to better grades" Press Release January 11th, 2005

Friday, January 07, 2005

dammit, i've screwed up my sleeping patterns again

so it's 4am now. and i'm still awake. after working on a website from midnight till now.
coming back to school, everything got so busy so fast - but i like it better than last week.

so i took some pictures. i'll use them for my digital photography class.

Sunday, January 02, 2005


don't get me wrong, i hate self-help books or any book that comes anywhere near the vicinity of this genre. and i would not have even dared to read this book if Long hadn't forced it into my hand and made me. i even let it sit on my desk for a couple of days just out of spite really - thinking "i don't need another person to tell me how i need to feel".

but Long swore by it, and again reminded me of this fact today when he came over.
so i read it tonight. cover to cover. in one sitting. and Long was right (damn you!), this book is great. the sad thing is, my friends have been trying to tell me these things all along and i have to finally listen to a book. sorry guys.

the book is called He's Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo
yes i know, it's THAT book. the Sex and the City book. the one that was on Oprah.
but i looked past that and now it's time for you to do the same.
because this book has now given women the power to see through the excuses. because that's really what they are. and men will have to realize that we are now wise to this. wise to your lies (pardon the rhyme).

Lesson #1 Learnt: an excuse is a polite rejection
i realized that i am the queen of excuses - not for myself, but for other people. for some reason i find tens of thousands of excuses for why other people "forget" to call me or are not around when they said they would be or are late for an outing. i don't think i realized how much i do it but i do. and that ends now. all this does for me is allow myself to settle and to live in some dream world where people can walk all over me. now i understand this sounds harsh, but the only way i'm going to be able to quit this bad habit is to go cold turkey.

Lesson #2 Learnt: you deserve a fucking phone call
these words are printed in the book. these exact words. they spoke to me. they leapt off the page and right into every relationship i've ever had. "the word 'busy' is the relationship weapon of mass destruction." it seems like a good excuse, but when you get to the bottom of it, it's just that, an excuse. and we now all know where i stand on making those. no one is ever too busy to call someone they are really into.

Lesson #3 Learnt: never settle, even when you might want to
it is tempting when you really like someone, to settle for less, to try to pretend to ignore all these excuses and signs that he's really just not that into you. but from now on, i promise to never lower my standards. i deserve to be liked. and so do they, but things have to be equal.

Lesson #4 Learnt: "I don't want to go out with you" means just that
the person you miss is also the person who just broke up with you. cut him off. someone who doesn't want to be with you anymore isn't worth the time spent worrying about. be around people who want to be with you.

Lesson #5 Learnt: don't confuse being classy with being a doormat.
class is walking away. always be classy, not crazy.

Lesson #6 Learnt: take what you want from the book
not everything is spot on. and as always, you need to have your own opinions and views about things. but i think that, well for me at least, it made all those nagging breakup questions that run through your head at 2am seem not so important anymore. and it made me feel like it's ok to ask for what i want in a relationship.

in saying all of this, i understand that not everyone might feel they could benefit from this book. i feel i did because it restored some objectivity into my brain, and my heart. and for that, i am grateful.

and also in saying this, not all guys are bad. and not all guys who break up with me are bad.
shoutouts to two who have been good to me in recent happenings. i appreciate it.

ok. enough philosophical stuff for tonight. it's bed time.