Tuesday, April 26, 2005

i guess i should let everyone know

i didn't get into grad school
but that's ok

i've applied (really late mind you!!) to some colleges
we'll see if anything comes of that. i'm not really banking on it cause i'm past the deadline for application by like 3 months. haha.

in other news....

I just got back from a wonderful weekend at the Bradley Family Residence in Arnprior, Ontario. you might ask yourself "Where the Hell is Arnprior?". well it is a quaint little town 20 mins outside of Ottawa with more churches than schools. But it contains one, Thomas Bradley, and therefore it is my new favourite place to be.


Whoever is working on the shrinking of space, or traveling like they do on Star Trek (meaning really fast), please hurry up. i'm selfish and wanna see my boi more.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

me against the biggest spider in the world

it's 11:30pm and everyone in the house is asleep but me
i'm organizing my iTunes collection to put on my fabulous new iPod and searching hostel info

i see something move at the edge of the table
the biggest f-ing house spider i've ever seen is crawling in and around the mountains of stuff i have here

i grab my shoe
and crawl on around the table for the next 10 minutes
there's no way i'm sitting at the table working while the hugeness is creepy crawling around

i squished him
he made the mistake of running out onto the floor

sorry folks...i think that means i have now caused it to rain tomorrow

now my heart is still racing and i'm still shaking. jeebus - i'm like 50million times larger than a stupid spider and yet it transforms me into a trembling idiot.


Birth Announcement

I am proud and happy to announce the birth of my iPod Photo

born on April 13th at 11am
weight: 60GB

Thursday, April 07, 2005

i have the best life (a lizard update)

So obviously i've been absent from this thing for a little while - but it's not because i have a boring life. it's quite the opposite really. i've been so freaking busy that i haven't had time for anything! but now...it's time for a massive update.

get ready....

BOUNCE: a benefit concert.
March 31st, 2005 @ the Great Hall in Toronto. Bands: Walkers Line and The Smear Campaign. DJ: Dj Sugga Shayne

well. what a day that was. so many things going wrong all at the same time. janie got strep throat so she couldn't come. i got up really early and did concert stuff for 3 hrs and was running so late. when i was almost at the hall i get a call saying that the ppl who were loading the sound equipment broke a railing off the wall (which meant that we wouldn't get our $1000 damage deposit back - we ended up begging and did get it back. fewf!). so i get to the hall and it's pretty bad. we sent someone out to get stuff to fix it as quickly as possible, but who should come back to the hall but the person who runs the place. she walks up the stairs and gasps "what happened here!?". long story short, we fixed it and it looks like it was never broken but still!! i was pissed.

anyways. we set up the hall and everything and barely anyone from our group was there so i called Thomas to come and help. he came and helped out :) and then he and i went to feed the meter and my car was gone. turns out it had been towed (on the BEST POSSIBLE DAY!) so i had to get Bo's husband to drive me and Thomas to the towing place to get my car. we get there and they lose my car. so the ppl behind the counter are freaking out cause they lost my car - i knew they had it cause i had talked to the cops who had told me exactly what time it had been towed (which btw was only like 5 mins before we came out). they eventually found my car and it turned out to be a good thing cause that meant they couldn't charge me for holding it so i paid the lowest fee - which was still $126. PLUS i got a $60 ticket for parking on Queen St b/t 4-6. stupid road rules. so i missed the arrival of all the bands and missed all the sound checks so i felt really badly. when i got back everything was running smoothly though so that was good.

the concert was great. not many people came - like maybe only 50 TOTAL (including band members and volunteers) and we JUST broke even money wise (we made $4.95! woohoo!). but everyone who was there was so supportive. both bands and shayne were amazing and kept telling everyone to buy raffle tickets and such. and everyone who was there had a great time. the vibe was good even tho it was a small group. one great thing about the smallness of the group was that it meant everyone had really good chances for the raffle. i won tons of stuff and so did janie, lisa (from work), jason, kate, and thomas.

all in all, great night.
and it got me 100%!! (i used it for a project for Creative Psychology)

real live Gone in 60 Seconds!

When Thomas and i went to feed the meter and RIGHT before i realized my car was gone - we saw a real live car chase!!! it was with a while honda acura and some asian dude driving with at least three other ppl in the car. they were weaving in and out and cops wailing their sirens behind them. we had cops who volunteered their time for the concert so i asked them about it and they said the guy ended up crashing into a building around the corner! what an idiot!!!

lizard got bangs

one night i decided it was time for a change. my mom cut bangs. i like em.

That's me, rocking out at the concert. with bangs.

so i'm not traveling alone anymore...

Thomas has decided to come with me to Europe. crazy eh? i was jokingly inviting everyone and didn't think that anyone would actually come. But he's always wanted to travel and decided he wants to come. i'm really excited! it's crazy. but it'll be good. i'm still going over on Mary 31st and hanging out with my family in England and then he's coming over on June 16th. we've bought Eurorail passes. we're first going to go around London and hopefully stay with my aunt and uncle. then off to Paris, then the south of France and Milan and Nice and then into Italy (Rome, Venice, Pompeii, Florence) then over to Switzerland where his uncle lives and we're going to stay there for a couple of days and he'll take us all around. he lives in Geneva. how cool is that?? then we're off to Belgium, Luxembourg and Amsterdam, then back to Paris to get a ferry to Ireland, then up through Scotland and back down through England. it's nuts. but i'm stoked. we're going to make our own little guidebook before we go with all the info we'll need. we're such nerds.

and ps. my family loves Thomas. my grandparents asked where he was when i went over there today! haha

Formal. Bad Food. Good Times

you know i've never had a good meal at a formal or semi formal? haha. i think it's part of the fun of it! on Sunday Xtina, Shauuuuuuuunnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy, Thomas, Me and Mattie went to the Winter's College Formal at school. as i said, food sucked, but we had a blast! we hung out and looked fabulous and then we danced like fools.

To the left is a picture of Thomas' hot tie.

Me and Thomas

Xtina, Thomas, Me and Mattie: the Nerds

iPod iPod here i come!

so seeing as i'm going to be travelling in a little while (less that 2 months!!! yay!) and will need to transfer my pix off my camera (we all know how many pix i take!), i have decided that i desperately am in need of a 60GB iPod Photo. I have been really lucky to get some $$$ from my Grandparents and will be ordering the iPod on Sat!!! OMG!!! I'M SOOOOO EXCITED.

now i just need to figure out what i want engraved on the back.
Thomas is getting a 30GB. Together we'll have 90GB of songs and pix
again....we're nerds and this excites us.

Liz Kerrison, the university graduate

I handed in my LAST EVER university paper yesterday and now i'm DONE DONE DONE!!
Hi i'm Liz Kerrison, and i have a degree. haha.

now if i get into grad school, that'd be too perfect!